Get the look: Art deco

Smooth, sophisticated and grown-up, Art Deco style has long been coveted by interior enthusiasts. Its ability to balance masculine and feminine, coupled with the in-built luxuriousness of its sweeping curves and gold accents, make it perfect for almost any room in your home. Its influence over everything from architecture and furniture to fashion dates back to before WWI but it’s appeal still remains strong today.

Very few of us are lucky enough to live somewhere with Art Deco architecture, but the good news is that it’s never been easier to inject a sense of the movement into your home using furniture, fabric and wallpaper.

Choosing a bold deco print wallpaper that includes jewel tones and metallics, such as Zoffany’s Conway wallpaper or Harlequin's Yasuda fabric, will set the tone for your space. 

'You can make an Art Deco interior as decadent or a subtle as you like, with rich colors and shimmering metallics to maximize or neutrals to tone down the look.'

Jane Clayton Style Team

With Art Deco, you will never have to worry about your room design dating or feeling tired – the era has an innate timelessness that will stay fresh forever. Presenting a wonderful opportunity to include antique furniture and unique finds alongside vintage lighting and exquisite wallpapers, it is one of our favorite looks of all time.

Shop the look: Art Deco

Wallpaper and fabric are a fabulous place to start when creating an Art Deco interior; discover the perfect backdrop for your home.
Selo Wallpaper by Harlequin Ebony/Gold
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Yasuda Fabric by Harlequin 796
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Spark Wallpaper by Zoffany Sapphire
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Conway Wallpaper by Zoffany Antique Bronze
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Conway Wallpaper by Zoffany Poison
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