Delicate details

Small-scale patterns are increasingly popular in the world of interiors, adding depth and dimension to a scheme. Characterized by their small, repeating motifs, these designs range from delicate florals to subtle stripes and more.

The appeal of using an intricate pattern in interiors comes down to their versatility. They come in a wide spectrum of colors and act as a great neutral base, perfect for layering other patterns and textures over. The use of small patterns will bring an extra dimension to your scheme, adding character and warmth, making it feel well-established and lived-in.

Here are some of our favorite designs and how to use them for maximum effect.

Abstract small-scale designs

An abstract pattern is one that doesn’t follow a strict rhythm or structure, and is not based on any recognizable objects or forms. It can be created by using geometric shapes, lines, colors, and other elements to create a composition that is visually interesting and appealing.

When selecting small abstract patterns, keep in mind that they work best when paired with complementary colors and patterns to add a subtle yet impactful element to your space. Popular abstract small-scale print fabrics include Truffle by Sanderson, an interesting coral-like design acting as a perfect alternative to using a plain. Both are also available as a wallpaper.

Dainty florals

Florals have stood the test of time in the world of interior design, radiating a timeless charm. Floral patterns come in all shapes and sizes, but even the smallest of them will add a delicate touch of femininity to a scheme.

For a pretty, feminine nursery or kid’s room, try a dainty floral wallpaper such as Bianca by Sandberg on all four walls. For a living room use a tiny floral fabric to offset other patterns, bringing a touch of softness and elegance. Poppy Sprig by GP & J Baker is great choice.

Subtle pinstripes

Whether you opt for a subtle tone-on-tone stripe or a contrasting one, these elegant lines can create a sleek and sophisticated look that never goes out of style.

Incorporating small stripes into your decor can be as easy as adding a few striped pillows to your sofa or bed, or wallpapering all four walls in a striped wallpaper. Generally, a subtle stripe matches well with a variety of other patterns but ensure they share the same color scheme for a well-matched look.

Top tips on using small-scale patterns 

1. Consider your color scheme or the room’s accent color.  Choose a small-scale pattern that picks out the key color of your existing curtain fabric or your wallpaper design for a cohesive look. A great way to test how designs work together would be by ordering samples and creating a moodboard.

2. When using small-scale patterns, think about balancing the scale of the design. Multiple, small-scale patterns can result in a cluttered, chaotic feel, whereas the balance of large and small patterns will create a more harmonious scheme.

3. If you’re unsure on where to start, begin with a small-scale design on something like a pillow and gradually go bigger with upholstery or wallpaper. 

Colour 3 moodboard by Harlequin / House Small Prints moodboard by GP& J Baker