Pink and green room inspiration

For a winning combination, pair green with pink, a complementary color match sitting opposite each other on the color wheel. It’s a combination we see a lot in nature, which is why we find it very comforting when it comes to interiors.

Green has the ability to create a soothing, serene atmosphere due to its connection with the outdoors, whereas pink adds warmth, softening the green tone.

This combination is extremely versatile making it adaptable for all areas of the home, here are just a few of our favorite ways to use it.

Pink and green bedrooms

One of the most popular areas of the home to use pink and green is in the bedroom. While pink is often associated with femininity, the use of green will balance it out and add more of a masculine feel.

Pair a bold green wallpaper such as Fayola by Harlequin with pink soft furnishings like curtains and pillows to add softness. Floral fabric works really well, adding a touch of femininity and softness and bringing the serenity of the outdoors, inside. Some of our favorites include Pomegranate Print fabric by Zoffany and Carnival by Christopher Farr Cloth.

Pink and green living rooms

Create a vibrant and fresh feel in your living space with the combination of pink and green patterned fabric and wallpaper. With a variety of designs and brands to choose from, start off by ordering samples to test how well the designs work in your scheme. A longstanding favorite pink and green fabric is Ikat Bokhara by GP & J Baker, seen here on this charming chesterfield sofa.

Use accessories like pillows on sofas and chairs or rugs to ensure the room has a harmonious feel. Either opt for a neutral, textured rug such as jute or sisal, or stick with the pink and green color palette. Avoid introducing extra color at this stage, as the result will be a cluttered feeling room.

Pink and green kitchens & bathrooms

The kitchen and bathroom is the hub of the house, so it’s important not to overlook the use of color here. Incorporating soft pink tones can infuse a sense of warmth and tranquility, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere you will love spending time in. The simplest way to incorporate color into the kitchen or bathroom is with a fabric shade or wallpaper.

Our top tips on decorating with pink and green

1. The key is to balance and contrast the two colors so that one doesn’t overpower the other. Achieve this by creating a proportioned layered scheme, balancing different patterns and textures. For example, if you opt for a pink walls, use green fabric as an accent color to add pops of freshness.

2. Use a moodboard to test how well colors and patterns sit alongside each other. This is your chance to get creative! Your first two samples are free.

3. No pink and green scheme is complete without some indoor plants. Bringing the freshness of lush greenery to brighten up the room and plants are believed to have a positive impact on health and wellbeing too. 



Shop the look: Pink and green fabric

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Tropics Velvet Fabric by Avalana Blush
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Shop the look: Pink and green wallpaper

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Shop the look: Pink and green pillows and rugs

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