Escape the hustle and bustle of modern living by embracing the cottagecore style in your home. Here we cover off all you need to know about this much-loved look including tips from an interior influencer who truly embodies everything cottagecore.

What is cottagecore?

Cottagecore is all about embracing a cozy, rustic and nature-inspired life, through fashion, decor, and lifestyle choices that reflect this idyllic, rural vibe. Think quaint English countryside cottages, fields of wildflowers blowing in the soft wind and the simple pleasures of baking a cake or tending to a garden. It’s all about nostalgia and enjoying a slower pace of life, celebrating life’s simple pleasures.

“Cottagecore is all about romanticizing your life and I believe a lot of good things can come out of that. Don’t save things for special occasions but enjoy living in the here and now"


5 tips on how to embrace cottagecore in interiors


  1. Accept that not everything has to be new. Take pleasure in collecting items from over the years, bringing special memories and sentiment to your home. Think about giving new life to second-hand items rather than buying new.


  1. Opt for natural materials, from sustainable cotton and linen fabrics to rustic natural wood furniture. Choose items that feel handmade and vintage to bring a cozy, lived-in feeling.


  1. Add pattern with upholstery, choosing floral, botanical or gingham prints for drapes, shades and pillows. Choosing smaller-scale patterns often works best to give a true cottagecore feel to a scheme.

We spoke to Anita Russell, from @by_anitarussell, a Scandinavian living in a cottage in the Cotswolds whose interior style is influenced by her Norwegian background; creative, cozy and rustic. She said “An impactful way of adding some character and bringing that cozy cottagecore feeling is to use wallpaper and maybe wood paneling like tongue and groove in your home. Layer this up with a mix of fabric patterns like floral, stripes and gingham in your drapes and pillows as they go with anything”.


  1. Keep the color scheme fairly neutral. Opting for earthy, muted tones like beige, brown, soft pink and sage green as your base color works really nicely for this look.


  1. Accessorize with wildflowers picked from the garden, dried bouquets and stacks of your favorite books for a lived-in feeling.

Brands to inspire

Some brands are well known for having that Scandi, lived-in feel that cottagecore is all about, so if you're feeling a little stuck, these can be a great place to start too.

For floral and botanical wallpapers in muted, neutral tones, Sandberg is a wonderful choice, capturing the cottagecore look really well. Our favorites include Mimi, Lykke and Linnea

In terms of fabric for upholstery, Morris & Co is a great place to start. Their Pure Morris North and Emery Walker's House and collections in particular. Or, if you love small prints, try GP & J Baker's House Small Prints.

The key is to blend elements that bring comfort, nature, and a touch of nostalgia into your living space. Let your personality shine through and enjoy the process of curating a cottagecore haven!